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You may get hepatitis B if you: Hepatitis B may be passed from mother to baby during birthing.

Babies born to mothers with HBV are given immunglobulin and vaccinations soon after being born.

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However, those outcomes can be prevented by treatment, which is rapidly improving and offers the potential of a cure to more patients than has been previously possible.

Fitness doesn't faze hepatitis C, a potentially fatal disease you may not even know you have.

The Global HCV Working Group collectively reviews evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles in these key areas using Criteria Grids constructed by the Network.

The completed grids are posted in the Global HCV Network’s Knowledge Bank.

Please be advised that there is a problem with the publication date for all records published in the January, February, March and April issues of CENTRAL (Issues 1 to 4, 2017).

It affects the results display, date limits, and exported records.

Most adults get hepatitis B for a short time and then get better. Sometimes the hepatitis B virus causes a long-term infection. Most adults clear the virus, but babies and young children are more likely to get chronic hepatitis B.

HBV is spread through contact with the blood and body fluids.

The workshop will provide a broad overview of how, why and when PRAs must be supported in four areas: administrative, financial, emotional and educational.

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