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Trai Byers, 32, who plays Andre Lyon, and Grace Gealey, 31, who plays Anika, aka Boo Boo Kitty, have confirmed reports that they are married. Henson's) eldest son, and her business executive character has been one of Cookie's major rivals on the show.

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Sources say however, the duo was still aware that people were looking.

In a video obtained by the news outlet, Gealey, who was gorgeous in a black dress can be seen at what appears to be the desert bar while Byers stands close by.

During their investigation, officers questioned a 16-year-old girl who said she was at Byers’ home while she was texting with the Kenosha man when Perez took her phone to send a text to the man asking him to come to Racine.

The girl told police that both defendants put on hooded sweatshirts and went outside, returning a few minutes later and saying, “they got him.” Both Byers and Perez denied being involved in a robbery, the complaint reads, but the man identified both in a photo lineup.

Adolescent girls' and boys' experiences of psychologically, physically, and sexually aggressive behaviors in their dating relationships: Co-occurrence and emotional reaction.

Racine police say two men are facing armed robbery charges after they helped lure a Kenosha man to Racine and then robbed him by gunpoint.“When they all hang out together they’ll cuddle and give a kiss, but it’s nothing obscene.” While we’re not always sure about mixing work with pleasure Byers and Grace seem to have everything under control. TMZ first broke the story, the duo recently attended a wedding together and according to guests, the pair were pretty affectionate.We'll leave the rest of the detective work up to you, but we'd be lying if we said this doesn't affect our secret hopes for more romance in Stranger Things season two. The Attitudes Towards Dating Violence Scales: Development and initial validation. Police say when they knocked on the door of the home, Byers consented to a search.

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