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The whole perception of ugly people is that they are of lower stature than everyone else.

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Fyi, she has a good personality, is a nice person, but she is a little insecure.

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And when lovers fall in love, the length of their future relationship and the depth of their love can be measured and predicted by how much time the women *and men* spend gazing into one another’s eyes—not at one another’s bodies—, right?

Not only that, but facial beauty showcases health (past and future) and fertility *plus* expressions of commitment and love—right? For instance, pretty much everyone, male and female, recognizes when we’re in the presence of an over-all “10”.

Fyi, she has a good personality, is a nice person, but she is a little insecure. Besides, what matters more when considering a real long term relationship?

But peoples' physical appearance varies just as much as peoples' preferences of what's attractive.

Whoever saw a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or Playboy centerfold with a perfect body and a fug mug? My waist is smaller than my hips, but I can't bear to handle a tape measure. Of course, there are other factors (e.g., my charming personality) but that is not seen .... Whereas facial beauty is consistent across cultures and time, bod-beauty is never going to be (if this is the case). And I will ask something I have asked before, which is whether we are talking about good body/unattractive face vs. Obviously we will (even subconsciously) steer away from unattractiveness, but what about mediocrity? If you want *another* type of test in your effort to understand men's preferences, try this one: Show a man twenty (or more) different photographs of women, with any combination of body type and facial features, and tell him "These women all said that they would sleep with you. because for a man, being accepted is the first priority and there are a wide spectrum of completely attractive combinations of body type and facial qualities. and maybe, just maybe, a trend toward candidates who appear "more pleasant company" as opposed to hotter/risky/negative-personality or other screening traits. What the ratio of Face to Body is, I could not tell you.

Call it airbrushing, call it what you will, these publications cater to their readers’ tastes. The guys would literally stop and stare when "Bella" walked by, drop their jaws (and sometimes their books) and undress her with their eyes. She had dark lustrous hair, but a face that was all angles, a tiny hook nose, and squinty eyes that no makeup could make bright. unattractive body/good face OR good body/average face vs. Since most people are average, and the research says we generally do not select someone who is substantially more attractive than we, then it seems the standards of hotness would not score at the airbrushed model level for most. Your job is to *eliminate* only the ones that you will not agree to sleep with."I predict that the fraction of eliminated individuals will be very VARIABLE (i.e. I also predict that a small minority of men would eliminate more than 50 pct of the candidate women (this is pure speculation on my part, btw). Now, perform the same experiment: show men pictures of 20 women, and this time say "All these women agreed to marry you. a higher percentage of rejected female candidates . Women simply must relax their grip on the whole "appearance drives attraction" model. It is very subjective, and may be somewhat determined by the time of night/morning I am asking (But, that's another scenario altogether)So, if I find someone who meets the subjective criteria, then the next step is what is their personality like.

We see ugly people too, but they're not the main actors.

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