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Production knives from 1973 to 1985 bear a model number as well as the BUCK and the U.

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This scabbard was normally carried in a shoulder belt (baldric) as opposed to being carried on the belt with a frog. r=132-united-states', SHOWCLOSE, 0, BALLOONIMGPATH , 'autolinker/images/balloons/yellow'); micro Ajax('autolinker/autolinker_stats.php? This allowed only about one shot per minute which would be a liability during an enemy bayonet assault.

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The 1845 barrel date is not unusual being mismatched with the lock plate dating of 1843.

The inspector's cartouche on the stock is faintly visible in the photo below.

The stampings are small and are located on the tang end of the blade nearest the handle.

The first number from the left indicates the type of material used to make the handle. The last two or more digits indicate the knife model pattern number, followed by "SS" if the blade is stainless steel.. The table below provides pattern numbers for most all Case knives and is organized by pattern number.

The distinctive shape and historic usage of the dagger have made it iconic and symbolic.

A dagger in the modern sense is a weapon designed for close-proximity combat or self-defence; due to its use in historic weapon assemblages, it has associations with maleness and martiality.

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