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The Bodhi Linux project released version 4.0.0 earlier this year and Joshua Allen Holm presents his thoughts on the distribution and its custom Moksha desktop environment in this week's Feature Story.Also in this issue, Jesse Smith explores a security package called Cappsule which is designed to protect the operating system from compromised processes.Try this link for more information about fonts that support Unicode: PNG by a long way.

Plus we are happy to report this month's Distro Watch donation goes to the UBports project to assist in bringing GNU/Linux to a wider range of smart phones.

We will be on holiday next Monday, but we will return with a new Distro Watch Weekly on January 2, 2017.

In our Opinion Poll we talk about approaches to process isolation and security.

This week we added a new search feature which makes it easier to find old reviews and articles from past editions of the Weekly.

It includes the C#/C source code and header files, resource files, sources for building the installer, etc.

Both installed and portable Kee Pass versions require a . Updating Kee Pass: When a new Kee Pass version has been released, you can update your existing Kee Pass installation, without losing any configuration settings.

Like JFree Chart, JCommon is also licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. There are some provisos though: Yes, the licence (GNU LGPL) allows this.

There is no licence fee to pay, but you must adhere to the terms of the licence.

Additionally, Kee Pass is automatically configured to store its settings in the application data directory of the current user.

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