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probably received its best ratings ever thanks to the recent episode in which she went on a date with and kissed lesbian DJ “Kiki” Daniella.When we posted the recap it seemed as though a lot of you readers were wanting, no, more of the sweet motorcycle riding butch. Daniela: No, I had never met Glenn or Brooke before. AE: Do you think your night was fairly represented?

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Credit to her, she's still soldiering on despite more ups and downs than a yo-yo.

Not only did her family show Hogan Knows Best get axed while in its prime after four seasons, her second album flopped peaking at a lowly 144 in the charts, while her acting credentials include such titles as 2-Headed Shark Attack and Vengeance Wears a Skirt. Meanwhile, Brooke's had to deal with embarrassing dad syndrome to the nth degree.

It seemed like the date went pretty well, like you might go out again so it would be normal to expect at least an exchange of phone numbers.

D: Of course there was a follow-up that the cameras did not see, but nothing like that at all. I was actually taking a break from Djing and now I’m going back because I have some good offers working.

So, look how much we love you — we tracked Daniella down and asked her to answer a few questions for us. After Ellen: How exactly were you approached to be a part of the show? We did have a scene before our date where Glenn and I first meet at a gay club. AE: OK, but did you really not know who Brooke was when you were approached? D: I didn’t see a problem but then again I read some reactions of what appears to be “activist lesbians” and they seem upset.

Did you look her up before you went on the date, or was that a surprise? I wish people could stop trying to find reasons to argue and just enjoy it for what it is. I’ve been getting that all my life so it did not affect me, but she was really nice to stick up for me.

Brooke Hogan has come out in support of her father, WWE legend Hulk Hogan, after his contract was terminated over a string of racial slurs. F–king n—-r." After Hogan's statements were made public, the WWE tossed him out on his ear.

Brooke Hogan herself was as the center of the now-infamous conversation in which her dad was caught on tape saying, "I'd rather if she was going to f-- some n--er, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n--er worth a hundred million dollars! "WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan)," the company said in a statement Friday morning.

"WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide." Hulk Hogan himself apologized.

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