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She met her husband, a native Bostonian, in the Math Department at Harvard University.

She puts it in a list of things she wished she had known. It falls between, “Buy, don’t rent,” and “Don’t cover a couch with anything that isn’t more or less beige.” If you google it, you will find that it is now a popular saying. My twenty-five year old daughter, Molly, understood it my way.

Expect to see it on coffee mugs and tote bags in the near future. I take it to mean that you should be careful of the temper of the person you marry. So I asked the other young adults in my life for their take on the quote. “I think it means that if the person is really mean when they’re angry, or they refuse to admit wrongdoing or forgive, you shouldn’t marry them.

If the person is the type who is fine when everything is going his/her way but dangerous and punishing when things are not, this person will be unbearable to live with. Your divorce will be an even deeper circle of hell than your marriage was. If you marry someone like that, then divorce will be the worst.” Then she added, “But if the person is truly kind, then if you are divorced, you can still get along for your kids’ sake.” But her fiancé Frank had something of his own to add.

On the other hand, if the person is nice to you even under bad conditions, you will probably never want a divorce. So I mentioned it to my twenty year old daughter, Eileen. As a convert, and coming from a divorced home, he said, “I still find it a weird point to dwell on regarding one’s future spouse.

I’ve downloaded soundtrack after soundtrack, compiled playlists, pirated ROMs and browsed used video game stores around town for shreds of my past.

I’ve always been particularly fascinated with the music in RPGs, but only in recent years have I taken the time to learn about the composers of some of my favorite music ever.You’re waiting in line at the deli when your phone buzzes.The new dating app you downloaded has arisen from slumber to alert you that somebody thinks you’re cute. But it’s not your pouty-faced avatar that caught their attention–it was the way you smiled at them in the snack aisle earlier.Depending on whether or not the admiration is mutual, a scenario like this is either exciting or potentially creepy. Today, Happn is launching locally in San Francisco at Facebook’s F8 conference.But this is how things work with Happn, the latest Internet dating service. While the app is already live in New York City and a few other U. markets, San Francisco’s hyper-connected, early adopter population should provide a sizable sample of single users on which Happn can test its core hypothesis: That people want to connect digitally with the people they encounter in the real world.The app’s purpose, according to the tag line that displays when you load the app, is to help you “find the people you’ve crossed paths with.” When you tap the profile of a nearby user, the app shows you a map of where you nearly encountered each other.

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