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As his band prepare for their tour later this month, we challenged him to pick a 10-song essential playlist from his band's five studio albums. I’d been in bands before but this was the first time I felt like the part of a group; a part of something special.” “This one started off as a really slow jam, we all got together to work on it and it grew into this.

It wasn't “This was the first song I wrote for Panic! When I first joined, I was the guitar player, and this was one that I worked on with everyone. Once the album came out and it was my voice singing, it was a huge pivotal moment for me because it was the first time I felt I was part of the band.

his fellow las vegas showman-cum-frontman, the killers’ brandon flowers, urie was raised a mormon.

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He just held Adele and Justin Bieber off the top spot of the US album charts. at the Disco member, Brendon Urie, saying (English): "I would have never thought this would happen - a number one album. I like to be flamboyant, play characters, wear make-up and dress up. I like all the theatrical elements of it, I like being able to play a character in my own songs, build this persona for myself and then play the character through whether it's through harmonies or lyrics, being able to tell a story, which is pretty great.

There's something about that that feels liberating." There might have been no Panic!

I’m so glad I got to use the “That’s the song that got me to this point.

out the rest of the interview urie here, including the singer talking about getting naked and being "stage gay., who married wife sarah orzechowski earlier this year, reignited rumors about his sexuality with the subject of the band's new single "girls/girls/boys" off of their fourth lp "too weird to live, too rare to die!

at the Disco, talks about knocking Justin Bieber and Adele off the US album charts and where his theatrical nature comes from. ▲ Hide Transcript Brendon Urie also known by his band name Panic!

at the Disco has every reason to feel 'Victorious'.at the Disco as we know it if Brendon's religious parents hadn't kicked him out of their home at 17. at the Disco member, Brendon Urie, saying (English): "It definitely forced me to choose to be decisive as to what I wanted to pursue whether it was college or a career, being a starving musician and I wanted to be the starving musician not knowing where it would take me. at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie has a few ideas about how to hook up with his man crush, Ryan Gosling -- but he also has a plan B ... We got Brendon at LAX and asked him about his recent admission that he's attracted to Gosling.hand him my phone and as urie reads it, his face lights up.!We write news, not this case, get those tissues ready: In a recent Reddit AMA with Panic!Urie sends regrets packing on the gospel-infused “Hallelujah”; invents starry-eyed back stories for strangers on “Golden Days” and pens a nostalgic missive to old friends on “House Of Memories.” The real standouts come when Urie channels the spirit of his hero Frank Sinatra on the title track and “Impossible Year,” the album’s top two cuts.

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