Bradley cooper dating zoe saldana

But just a heads up: In 30 years there's no way in hell I'm making 400 laminated badges. Inspired by a stellar review in the New Yorker of David O.

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Saldana spent months training for the athletic role, taking up horseback riding, archery and wushu martial arts.

The following year, Saldana starred in the ensemble comedic remake , which featured Saldana as an assassin out to avenge the murder of her parents.

"If I have something good in front of me—it doesn't matter if it's a person or a pair of shoes—I'm not going to test something else," she explains.

"It's insecure, and it's immature." She is now—after around 12 years of dating entrepreneur Keith Britton, and a far shorter and more tumultuous time spent with Bradley Cooper—vigilantly single. Saldana describes herself as "androgynous." She adds that one day she might "end up with a woman raising my children...that's how androgynous I am!

As I close my eyes before I go to sleep, the hours of footage I studied earlier that day replays in my head over and over again.

The interview sound bites are imprinted in my mind as I piece them together on an imaginary timeline. I'm glad I hold a small piece of responsibility for putting it together.

The year 2012 saw Saldana making news off-screen by rushing to the aid of a woman who was injured in a car crash.

Later that year, Outside of acting, Saldana has a strong interest in fashion.

Latino directors should not have to tell stories about people from their own community or country of origin exclusively, but given the scarcity of films that feature prominent Latino characters, the opportunity to do so feels like a missed one.

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