Bondi rescue speed dating

2006Christmas (Summer down under): Bondi beach is swarming with swimmers.

A cheesy Irish girl 'abuses' a rescue hunk, even insists to go face-to-face on his surf plank.

The race is handicapped: the more accomplished swimmers and board-paddlers set off from Bondi later (up to twelve minutes, depending on how many competitors there are).

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The former Baywatch star appeared in episode 3 of series 6 and according to Hoppo is, 'massive, about 6ft 5, and very funny.

We put the uniform on him and he thought he was back in Baywatch' 'I'm not going to push my daughters into anything,' Bruce, pictured here with Lauren and Georgia, says.

When tourists aren't drowning, they need medical help after a bad fall on the skateboard ring. 2006New year's Eve is the world's greatest beach party, even the lifeguards are also involved.

The next day, the hottest New year ever, is their biggest challenge, a back-breaking total of 50 interventions.

Bondi Rescue: Bruce, Nicola Atherton and Trent Maxwell at the Logies in April.

The series has won Logie Awards Most Popular Factual Program in 2008, 2009, 2010, 20 Do hassle the Hoff!Stars of the show have also attacked chief lifeguard Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins' leadership - especially his decision to take his wife Stacey (pictured together), who is not a lifeguard, on a jetski to retrieve a body In a letter to fellow lifeguards last March, which was seen by the Daily Telegraph, Hopkins said: 'This may have not been the absolute correct thing to do but I felt it was the best option at the time.2006Eager beaver Andrew Reidy is the new kid in the rescue team on Bondi beach, Australia's most popular sea bathing and mass aquatic sports site.A growing cafe culture has seen Bondi labelled as a 'hipster paradise' where the young and glamorous go to meet.Images today show men and woman covered almost head-to-toe in tattoos soaking up the sun on the sand.Children can be seen eating ice blocks, building sandcastles and bouncing on hopper balls.

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