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Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site.We provide live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, including image access to more than five million Federal land title records issued between 1788 and the present.

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Dwelling: Cross Farm William SAUNDERS M 46 M Gustard Wood, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Agricultural Labourer Mary SAUNDERS M 49 F Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Wife Occ: Platter Elizabeth SAUNDERS U 24 F Harpenden, Hertford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Bonnet Sewer (Straw)David SAUNDERS 12 M Hollybush, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Farm Servant John SAUNDERS 6 M Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Grandson Occ: Scholar Annie SAUNDERS 5 F Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar Dwelling: East Lane Alfred SANDERS M 44 M Wheathamstead Rel: Head Occ: Labourer Emma SANDERS M 44 F Wheathamstead Rel: Wife Sarah SANDERS 12 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar Mary PRATT 32 F Wheathamstead Rel: Visitor Occ: Dressmaker Dwelling: High Street John MC CULLOCH M 64 M Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Baker Mary Ann MC CULLOCH M 60 F Wheathamstead Rel: Wife Arthur James MC CULLOCH U 20 M Wheathamstead Rel: Son Occ: Helper (Baker)Kate MC CULLOCH U 18 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Dressmaker Frekk. The Seabrooks appear to have originated in Redbourn, at least that is the earliest connected reference I can find, dating back to 1624, though it's a little tenuous.

The clearest connection is John Seabrook, born Redbourn 1705. The family practice appears to be that the sons were put out to other farms as they grew up, leaving the youngest son to take over the family farm on the death of his father.

I am currently researching my Saunders family tree.

I know of a lot of my Saunders family that lived in Wheathampstead.

Both sides can mount strong arguments for and against having your child vaccinated with the MMR jab.

WHY YOU SHOULDMeasles is extremely contagious, and can be lethal.

Even after college, he never let go of his title as Captain of the debate team – there was no argument he couldn’t win and he enjoyed sharing his sharp wit and sarcasm with family and close friends.

He was preceded in death by his father Vincent Ramaswamy, mother Joyce, brother Lawrence Gunasekaran, infant sister Lily and dear friend Anne Voyles.

While at the University of Madras, he was Captain of the Debate team, member of the College Quiz team, member of the soccer team, Sports Secretary, Secretary of the Student Union, and Vice President of the Student-Busmen Council.

John served as co-pastor of Fire of God ministries from 2007-2010.

Mumps can cause meningitis and male sterility, while if a woman contracts rubella during the first eight to ten weeks of pregnancy, there is a 90 pc chance the baby will suffer mental and physical defects.

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