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Theological Opinions: Documents are prepared in response to a request for an opinion on a specific theological issue (e.g., from the president of the Synod, a district, board, commission or dispute resolution panel).

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He is author of three books, Not by Sight, Things Not Seen, and Don’t Follow Your Heart.

He and his wife live in the Twin Cities with their five children.

Donald Trump has enlisted a larger, more diverse lineup of clergy than usual to pray him into office at his upcoming inauguration ceremony.

The group—bigger than any president’s since Ronald Reagan—reflects his politics, pragmatism, and personality.

Furthermore, the government cannot compel a citizen to enter a house of worship or profess a particular religious view. city may be made up of tax-exempt property, much of that churches or church schools.

Unfortunately, during election seasons many Americans of varying faiths or no faith at all are required to enter a house of worship in order to fulfill the most basic civic duties of all-to vote. FFRF receives many queries by disgruntled taxpayers over this involuntary form of subsidy.Praying before we eat a meal is a beautiful thing — or should be a beautiful thing. We sinners tend to grow blind to glory when there’s a lot of it. We would not appreciate more than a fraction of it.It is gloriously appropriate to give thanks and praise to God from whom all blessings flow. Those of us who live in prosperous regions of the globe and have never known food scarcity perhaps don’t feel much awe in it. Assuming there will always be way more food available than we need is a luxury very few have experienced in world history.The Foundation cannot represent you, advise you or refer you to secular family law attorneys.Please seek this important advice from the attorney who is representing you in your divorce, custody battle, etc.Jack Graham, Ronnie Floyd, and David Jeremiah are all Southern Baptists and members of the president-elect’s evangelical advisory board, and Cissie Graham Lynch stated during the election that she would be “unapologetically voting for Trump.” Her father, Franklin Graham, is among the clergy praying at the inauguration ceremony held at the National Mall on Friday.

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