Blake shelton and miranda lambert dating story

If Blake was cheating on her with Gwen Stefani – that would mean he is a total hypocrite.

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Here was a couple with far more in common than any dating-site algorithm could match up.

Both Shelton and Lambert were avid hunters, as comfortable in the woods in a tree stand as they were onstage.

Shelton broke out as a bona fide TV star on , while Lambert furthered her artistry, claiming Grammy awards along the way and winning over non-country fans, who rallied behind her gunpowder-and-lead badass persona.

With such crossover fame, however, came the microscope of the tabloids.

“By not doing the interviews, [Miranda Lambert] doesn’t have to explain anything, including the Blake [Shelton] situation,” the insider says.

Will avoiding interviews and sticking to TV performances and live concerts help or harm Miranda Lambert? Blake wasn’t nominated for anything at the 50th Annual CMA awards.The bizarre coupling left a lot of us with questions – including Blake Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert.According to a new report – Miranda is convinced that Blake was cheating on her with Gwen Stefani BEFORE their divorce, seeing as how the relationship seemed to come out of nowhere just a few months after she and Blake went their separate ways.An insider dished to Hollywood Life, “She [Miranda] wants to meet with Gavin behind closed doors and compare notes.She doesn’t buy their story that it’s totally brand new.Miranda Lambert reportedly blames ex-husband Blake Shelton’s career failure on his romance with Gwen Stefani.

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