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We're told her next concert -- Thursday in London at the O2 Arena -- is now up in the air for 2 reasons.

It may constitute a safety threat, but also, as one source put it, "She's in no condition to perform." As we reported, Ariana had just left the stage when a nail bomb exploded in the rotunda area near the front door as people were leaving the concert.

Following the announcement of her nuptials with Gumball 3000 creator Maximillion Cooper, the Twittersphere went into a frenzy with varied reactions.

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It’s smack dab right in our faces as we see more women of color opening themselves up to date those various ethnicities.

In other words, it’s reshaping our culture as we know it.

He railed against those who want to criminalize drug addiction -- going off on a Twitter rant to get his point across ...

but in the midst of that convo, we learned he's picked up quite the fitting habit.

Meek Mill is having all types of fun over in Dubai with his alleged girlfriend…plus possibly two more.

Get the scoop on his antics, plus peep pics of Drake catching a sweet tooth in Las Vegas and Frank Ocean in NYC inside…

See how the trend has influenced celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and more!

Interracial dating is no longer taboo or a thing for just the fellas.

Carson, who is just 14 years old, just graduated from Texas Christian University […] Nationwide — The New York Governors Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) helped fund housing through the “New York Housing Recovery Program”.

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