employee dating in the workplace - Black athletes dating white

especially outside sports (baseball, football, soccer) anyone else know any other reasons??

No offense to my sisters but black chicks bring too much drama.

im not doing it on revenge next of all I COULD care less about black guys i dont even find yall attractive so......theres no revenge here thankyou :) I thought you said that you weren't black? Also, why did you have to mention black athletes dating white girls? Is it because you're trying to bash black men so that black women will see them as evil and turn instead to white men? Sorry, but most white men prefer to date white women and most black men prefer to date black women. Do you see any white men asking if black women date white men?

You said yourself that you're only asking this because black men supposedly are dating white girls more and so you want...what? Stop making black women look shameful and find a job.

They didn't care because their cash cow was OJ. If queen is a black woman than she's a lesbian.

You don't care that I'm with a non-black man. White men may say look at that for a moment in your life but it doesn't change his life.

ok i love myself some football , basket ball and some baseball players. and why is it that everytime a black girl wanna date outta the race its like where "dividing" the race.

and im just wondering if any white athlete men would date a black girl? i like white guys more and theres nothing you can do to change that!

Being around more white women than black women will make you change your preference Some black athletes aren't the best looking men.

Until they actually make it big, the women (particularly black women for the sake of your question) don't really want them.

Maybe he has more confidence now that his money is right. Jack Johnson was the first documented Athlete to run out and get himself a white girl.

One thing for sure a white woman is often their desired trophy piece. smelling just like Lemon Pledge (Uncle Ruckus Voice) These men run and get one before the ink even dries on the contract. In early July of 1912 Jack Johnson heavy weight champion of the world was charged with taking Lucille Cameron, his 3rd white wife, across state lines for “immoral purposes,” a violation of the Mann white slavery act.

Because we go get money and will give it to anybody but our own people. Showing black men with other races and always insulting us was eventually going to work.

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