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Ask yourself this, do you want your kid, or any kid for that matter: 1. The beauty about crowdfunding is that it teaches kids collaboration, critical thinking, business, finance, responsibility and independence.

Our professional staff invites you to tour our wonderful community. Resort-style amenities in a gated community with mature landscaping, close to Nob Hill, UNM, KAFB, Sandia, two malls and easy access to I-40. Professionally managed by Thompson Michie Communities.

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We also service locomotive brake systems, from the old 6-ET (steam locomotive) brake to the modern 26F locomotive brake system.

We can service modern freight car braking systems, too.

Our original live results and orders product has been upgraded and enhanced with better and faster searches, live messaging and our informative pre start email provides all your daily horse show information.

Track and maintain your entry results live throughout the show and save for future reference.

We have received interest from Sarasota County School Board and will be featured as a new start up to angels in the area in a local investment newsletter in the next few weeks. She helped me come up with my business plan and we decided what I would sell, for how much, where I would have my stand, and how I would get people to buy things from me. From me, the mom Carly, my 9-year old daughter came up with the amazing idea to open the doors for all kids and teens to engage in business and entrepreneurship through crowdfunding.

She told me that I would have to buy things to make the products I would be selling and that those cost money. Because my mom has a lot of internet experience she helped me figure out how to help other kids earn and save money for college and other things they want to do using a really cool website. Click on the link below to read about Kid Backer in the Sarasota Herald Tribune: Mom and me in the Sarasota Herald Tribune Come on! As a 25-year veteran from corporate America, after getting over the initial shock of being told by Carly that she wanted to work, I realized how spot on she was about supporting her dream.(Carly and I during our first Kid Backer video session)I love and believe in the idea of Kid Backer so fervently that I have left my 25 year career in corporate America to focus 100% on launching and growing Kid Backer and help fill the enormous gap in education as it relates to business and entrepreneurship, As a parent and a business leader, I am concerned about the issues our kids face after graduating from college, if they can even afford to go.Here's a great quote from a recent Wall Street Journal article covering the top of early entreprenuership:"Some scholars argue that cultivating entrepreneurship in the very young is vital, as children are born imaginative, energetic, and willing to take risks, but lose this entrepreneurial spirit over time. Typically focused on the adult market, crowdfunding is, in fact, an amazing way to open the door to millions of kids to pursue entrepreneurial type activities.Advocates say such programs make up for gaps left by an educational system that ill prepares students for a tech-centric, rapidly shifting job market." As a parent... unable to get a job due to lack of business and finance skills? unable to make it on their own due to lack of entrepreneurial skills and spirit? It can be anything from funding a school trip or a cause they care about or, an actual business idea.Pittsburgh Air Brake Company (PABCO) opened its doors in 1990 to service the tourist railroad industry. Jubeck has over 30 years of experience in the railroad business, including 23 years of service with the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad, mainly in the air brake and car shop. Jubeck is the Vice-President of Operations at PABCO, and he has 9 years of experience in the railroad air brake industry.We service passenger, locomotive and freight car braking systems.A quick five-minute walk from Centraal Station (click on our "locations"page for the map) and across the street from the legendary Barney’s Coffeeshop, Barney’s Uptown is a great place for either drinks at the bar or full meal table service.

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