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You will find the latest firmware update downloads and full installation details on the canon website.

Firmware updating is a very simple operation, but there are certain precautions you need to follow to do it successfully.

Ensure you either have means to plug the camera into a power socket, or you have a fresh, fully charged battery in the camera. Press the Menu button and find the “Firmware ver” tag.

bios mode wait updating fw canon mf-28

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Said that, after some research i find myself changing akbar BIOS, with a VBIOS for NVIDIA 540m with lowered voltage: Idle: 0,83v Full: 0,85v For me that worked, it is stable under full load, but probably won't work for everyone. Well, I've achieved that Here's the modded bios with undervolted). However I can't guarantee that this modded bios will work well for everyone. It would be very nice if you could help with that, and maybe explain which tools you used to edit the BIOS where you find the values to edit. (Because if all runs nice i want maybe to build a OC profile for the my videocard also.) Here is a picture of GPUZ from my videocard.

My temps are now hiting 90ºC after 1h of full load, with Turbo enabled on the CPU, and NO Throttle. Here is the BIOS for my Notebook (akbar102 UEfi-advanced v 1.21): I would like to have this voltages on my GT540M (if its possible): Idle: 0,83v Full: 0,85v regards Hey Azarielz, WOW thank you for your help.

Put a Compact Flash card in the camera and format the card so it is devoid of data or images. Remove the Compact Flash card from the camera and put it in a card reader, attached to the computer. Copy the firmware update to the root directory (top level) of the Compact Flash card. You should see a folder called DCIM with the firmware update file sitting alongside it.

Eject the card from the computer and put it back into the camera. Connect the camera to the mains converter for power or use a freshly charged battery. (Power loss during updating may disable the camera.) Find the Firmware version section in the Menu. During the update process you will see a progress bar.

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The only flaw, and I think that is due to ACER, is the fan control that doesn't work. Some days ago I was searching for Acer 5750g modded bios. Then I wanted to undervolt my gpu (GT630M) but I didn't find any 5750g's bios with undervolted v Bios for my card.

So, after starting to get some heat problems (I've upgraded my i5-2410m to i7-2630qm), and after cleaning up e changing thermal paste, i found that my GPU (540m) hit 95ºC easily and then throttling down to cool off. Due to that, I started to make some researches for modding the bios by myself. All game I tested works well too, without crashes or black screens.

Hi you all, First of all I want to thank you for great development on this wide-spread platform. Could you explain where you get the modded VBIOS from and how did you integrate it with which programs etc.!?

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