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He also noted which ones he felt were “fake,” but did not flag any of the three undercover officers from Toronto, London, Ont. On top of the 3 1/2 year prison sentence, the Crown asked Ontario Court of Justice Judge Heather Mc Arthur to consider ordering his DNA be added to the databank of offenders, that he comply with the Sexual Offender Information registry for life and be barred for 20 years from attending public places where children under 16 years are in attendance, seeking employment that would involve minors and having any contact with anyone under age 16.They also want to block him from using the Internet without supervision.

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Locking the door behind her, she startles Benjamin - who turns three times and gasps: "Oh God, oh, let me out." While she calmly offers herself to him, now or at any time later, glimpses of her naked breasts flash before Benjamin's averted eyes, as he glances askance at her: Mrs.

[Here is another image of glass - covering Ben this time.] Benjamin suggests eagerly but apologetically that they rendezvous there for a date: Benjamin: Look, I was thinking about that time after the party.

As he lays the purse on Elaine's shelf in her room, Mrs.

Robinson enters behind him totally naked, her nudity reflected in the glass which covers her daughter's portrait [foreshadowing the contrasting role that both women will play in his life - one innocent and young, the other older and sexually aggressive].

On Wednesday, defence counsel Clayton Ruby will argue for 2 years of incarceration. quality=75&strip=all&w=620" class="size-large wp-image-741086" alt="THE CANADIAN PRESS/Alexandra Newbould" src=" He encouraged one undercover officer, Toronto Police Detective Constable Janelle Blackadar, to indulge urges to become sexually involved with her young daughter, telling the investigator “you can force her.” “The plain, unmistakeable, unvarnished encouragement of this parent to proceed, in his own words, ‘With whatever feels good to you'” offer “potential indicators that he was dealing with a person who genuinely had access to a child and was fulfilling his direction,” Dellandrea said.

In this court artist’s sketch, Benjamin Levin (left to right), Justice Heather Mc Arthur, forensic psychiatrist Julian Gojer and crown co-counsel Patricia Garcia appear in court in Toronto, Monday. w=620&quality=75&strip=all&h=465" width="620" height="465" srcset=" She also pointed to the spreadsheet of sorts he kept about identities on the “alternative sexual lifestyle” chat room he frequented — 1726 interactions are catalogued in this document.Ben Levin, left, enters court with his lawyer Clayton Ruby for the first day of his sentencing in Toronto Monday. During day two of Benjamin Levin’s sentencing hearing on child pornography charges, the Crown argued that while the former Ontario deputy minister of education insists his Internet chat room conversations were pure fantasy, never once did the 63-year-old say stop the conversations for fear an actual act of assault had occurred at his direction. quality=75&strip=all&w=620" /With eyes downcast and left hand pressed to his forehead, a once well-respected leader in education listened as the Crown characterized him instead as a “leader” in a depraved Internet community in which he counselled undercover officers to sexually assault children.Because their own husbands were thrown off course after Perestroika and economic depression they drank themselves to death or ran off with a younger woman.So, the three have to bring up their kids by driving taxis. Uncertain of where he wants to go, totally alienated, and trapped in an unknown world, Ben appears wearing scuba gear (again viewed subjectively from his own point-of-view through the glass of the mask).

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