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During his reign Grodno became royal headquarters and began to host sessions of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Senate and Parliament.

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As a result, many activists have begun avoiding email and phone calls altogether, making it increasingly difficult to carry out their advocacy work.

Nearly all of the activists interviewed said they now protect their data with encrypted email services, chat apps, and hard drives — tools that Amnesty describes as an "essential" part of their work.

Two boys selected in the competition to come to Los Angeles are struggling to find their pitches.

Located on the edge of Eastern Europe and bordering Russia, this seldom visited country may lack the buzz of better known neighbours like Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, but in terms of attractions it more than holds its own.

During the year authorities continued to commit frequent, serious abuses in a system bereft of checks and balances, and dominated by the president.

Authorities denied citizens the right to change their government, manipulating the December 19 presidential election to ensure that the president would not be seriously challenged.

A prime minister appointed by the president is the nominal head of government.

In practice, however, power is concentrated in the presidency.

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