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It's been pretty close to perfect over all until last weekend.

Understanding and Pushing Your Boundaries Making the Most of Your Strengths Community Q&A Novelist Robert Louis Stephenson once said that “to be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” Just because you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential by a certain age doesn’t mean you’ll never become what you are most capable of or truly desire.

Thankfully that didn’t happen, because I’m awful with a needle and thread, and I’m more of a dog person anyway. I realize now that there were so many benefits to being a dating “late bloomer,” the phrase “late bloomer” being in quotes because I actually don’t think having your first boyfriend at 16 is like absurdly late in life, but I digress. Why do you think I refuse to be the one at the front of the line at the haunted house?

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I've noticed that there are a few things about me that were shaped from my inexperience early on in life and late development in the dating game.

(1) Becoming emotionally attached to someone just because they showed interest in you.

It was my Oz: only 40 minutes away, but what felt like lightyears from my reach.

I spent the next six months pounding the pavement, taking strangers out for endless cups of coffee and email-stalking the sh*t out of anyone even slightly related to my chosen field of journalism.

I’m not sure if it’s the subliminal messaging hidden in Dora the Explorer (I have my theories about Swiper) or something in the water, but it seems like this generation especially has been convinced that relationships are everything.

I remember the time that I casually told a classmate I hadn’t had a boyfriend yet, and she looked at me with immeasurable pity, immediately rattling off a list of people she knew were single and “looking.” No, this wasn’t high school. Yes, at the ripe age of like 13, I was already garnering the pity of the dating community.Late bloomers, we feel ya: It can be frustrating, to say the least, to always feel like you're the last one to get past your awkward phase, have your first kiss or relationship, and figure out what you want to do with your life.But when it feels like everyone is whizzing past you as you plod along in the slow lane, remember that doing everything at a young age doesn't necessarily mean you'll have greater success.Before you start stressing about your failure to keep up with the life timeline you've created in your mind, click through the slideshow for seven reasons that it's OK -- and, we daresay, actually pretty awesome -- to take your sweet time.Tell us: Do you ever feel stressed out about your future? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet @Huff Post Teen.Each night, for almost half a year, I ended my day with a massive pity party honoring my lack of hire-ability. I felt like my friends had transcended to the next level of adulthood, and I would never catch up.

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