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The website, which only allows members who are "voted in" by those of the opposite sex, was hacked last December.

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Should applicants secure enough positive votes from members, they will be granted membership to the Beautiful People community.

Cheating spouses website Ashley, facing hackers' threats to leak clients' nude photos and sexual fantasies, said it is heartened by some initial public response that sees the site as a victim.

A statement from Beautiful claims it does not attempt to define beauty but “simply gives an accurate representation of what society's ideal of beauty as decided by the members”.

Members rate new applicants over a 48 hour period based on whether or not they find the applicant 'beautiful'.

“We are very excited about the opening of our flagship bar,” Hodge said.

“We will take the same ethos into this project as we did when we launched the dating site.The website's Canadian parent, Avid Life Media, confirmed a breach of its systems that has put the real names, credit card information and other details of as many as 37 million customers at risk.Avid Life said it has since secured the sites and closed unauthorized access points.The website was hacked in December 2015, and at the time Beautiful said the incident occurred on a test server and no user information was compromised.However, Troy Hunt of Have IBeen said that real data was hosted on that server, and is now in the internet's grubby paws.Beautiful describes itself as the “largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful” and puts people’s photographs to a members’ vote to decide if they are allowed in.

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