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Kathleen Biden is making shocking claims about her estranged husband Hunter in divorce documents filed in Washington, D. Kathleen goes on to claim that these interests include 'drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he had sexual relations.' The motion later details another big purchase made by Hunter recently - a diamond.'On or about February 17, 2017, Ms. Biden was in possession of a large diamond, on information and belief worth approximately ,000,' states the motion.'When Ms. Biden to place the diamond in a safety deposit box accessible only to both parties together, Mr.

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"It doesn't bother us because we both know what it is.

We know it feels right and we can see each other being really happy for the rest of our lives," Cartwright said.

'The parties' outstanding debts are shocking and overwhelming,' states Kathleen in the filing, claiming they have 'maxed-out credit-card debt' and a 'tax debt of at least $313,970' among other owed expenses.

Kathleen and Hunter have also 'bounced three checks to their housekeeper and owe medical providers and therapists for outstanding bills' according to the motion.

While the series won’t be nominated for any Oscars, some are speculating it could mark Bec Hewitt’s return to the small screen.

When a 21-year old Bec Cartwright began dating Lleyton Hewitt in 2005, she was a bubbly star and a household name in Australia.The two girls’ fighting resulted in a dramatic car accident, leaving Hayley confused and feeling particulary self consious about her appearance.Tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and soapie princess Bec Cartwright say they know their engagement after only six weeks together is right, and they don't care what critics say.When he was caught kissing another girl, it seemed to be the end of his relationship with Hayley, but when he later helped her out at a party they got back together.With Josh, he and Hayley decided to get their own place, and they soon moved in to The Palace but Noah caught Hayley kissing Josh, and again they broke up.Her long-term relationship (and short-lived engagement) with fellow soap star Beau Brady only helped make golden girl Cartwright a regular on the covers of magazines and the walls of teenage boys., Cartwright was poised to attempt the fabled post-soapie transition exemplified by Kylie Minogue and Chris Hemsworth, but it all came to a halt when Lleyton proposed to Bec six weeks into their relationship.

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