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“When I called for offside, it was part of the psychological war on the field,” said Barthez, speaking in detail about the incident for the first time as part of the MUTV documentary When the Floodlights Fade. I tried to make him lose concentration, but it didn’t work. All I remember was that he was through one-on-one against me, but he placed it past me well into the far corner.” Sir Alex Ferguson, the United manager, said: “Fabien tried to unnerve Di Canio.

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Once murmurs of Hollywood love are in the air, it’s hard to silence the whispers. After reports surfaced this weekend that Elba and Madonna were spotted kissing at London’s M Restaurant (per the story includes Madonna’s good-humored Snapchat selfie of the two, with the message, “I kicked his butt.” A source in the story notes that the two “had only eyes for each other” while at the restaurant following Elba’s boxing match.

This is not the first the world has seen of this duo.

The last time I saw him was on the pages of a glossy magazine with Evangelista dressed up in a naughty outfit holding a cane and Mac Lachlan bent over waiting to be spanked. Now Mac Lachlan - probably best known currently for his role as Charlotte's impotent former husband in Sex and the City - is sitting in front of me drinking coffee and eating toast. In film you give your performance to the best of your ability, and then you are in the hands of the director and the editor and the producer and there's not much you can do about it.

He only starts warming up when we get on to his obsessions. "The film world is a crazy place to be," he says."You sit around all day waiting for the phone to ring. I had no control over my film career so I became very controlling over my house. The house began to spiral as out of control as my career." Why, then, considering his concerns over his future, did he disappear for six years on an extended holiday with Evangelista? He and his two younger brothers had short hair when everyone else wore theirs long.

Then he resurfaced on the pages of fashion magazines, posing with his then-girlfriend, model Linda Evangelista. This may be because I try to hug him when I meet him. "I was angry with him at the time," says Mac Lachlan, "because he breezed in, directed two shows and then just left us on our own. "We just drifted away from each other," he says."I didn't really want to get married as I couldn't see the point and the relationship wasn't really going anywhere."There were also pictures of her canoodling with Manchester United goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, so that was that.

He seemed to have become subsumed by Evangelista and her life of endless designer shows and highprofile parties. In fact, it has actually got dyed black streaks in it, which is slightly strange but also forgivable."Hollywood is not good when it comes to age," he says. Later on, once the ice is broken, I tell him it is because he feels so familiar. I felt let down."When Evangelista came along, Mac Lachlan suddenly got the chance to do something he'd never really done before. He'd had a reputation for going out with high-profile girlfriends - Lara Flynn Boyle and Laura Dern - but Linda was different. Mac Lachlan then decided to rethink his career, which meant that he came over to do a stint on the London stage in On An Average Day with Woody Harrelson."The difference with doing a play is that you are in control of that role.

While he was moving from graffiti-ing and the streets of Lower Manhattan to paintings and galleries, Madonna was trying to make it in the music industry.

Basquiat would often go to art events with Madonna and introduce her to artists and gallerists. On the other hand, Madonna was more than smitten with the vibrant artist.

“He said I needed to go back to France and I understood that.” Retirement followed in April 2007 following an altercation with a Nantes supporter, which prompted Barthez to swap football for motor racing.

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