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Additionally these women are constantly working to find ways to balance their own careers and interests with the demands of their partner’s sports schedules.

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In the world of WAGs (wives and girlfriends of sports), lifestyle is everything.

Making sure your body is Instagram-perfect, flaunting the blingiest bling and keeping tabs on your pro athlete bae is a daily job. , who flipped the cameras on the ride-or-dies of the NFL and NHL for your viewing pleasure.

Their job is extremely time-consuming, so you need to be a selfless woman.

When you're secure within yourself, they're able to thrive within their career." in the WAGS world.

Martin, who dated Kelly for two-and-a-half years, was found dead in his Tampa, Florida home on March 13, 2009, just four days before his 34th birthday.

His death was ruled an accidental overdose of oxycodone by a coroner.Our show shows a different side of it, our lives and the ups and down we go through. Do you think there will ever be a show where we see that male equivalent of a WAG? I think it would be great if there was a show like that, seeing what men see us going through.How did the transition from wrestling affect your personality in front of the camera? I was always the good guy, the underdog, the All-American girl and it was great because Vince [Mc Mahon] was like, ‘Just go out there and be yourself.’ I never had to play a character; I never had to be the bad guy. There are times on the show where I’ve gotten in arguments with these girls [and] I want to have Kelly Kelly come out and put some moves on these girls."He needs to know that you're in it 100 percent because it's not easy being in this life," Sasha explains."You have to deal with groupies, him being on the road—you have to have trust in your other half because if you don't, there's nothing without it.That feeling that you get when you walk through the curtain is unlike anything I had ever felt.

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