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Several online sources list two additional episodes in series four: 7. "Seasons of Mist" (), the plot descriptions of which are identical to two episodes broadcast in series five: 3. Later broadcast as part of series five, they were re-titled to avoid confusion.

Successful but over-worked barrister James Kavanagh defends David Armstrong, a Cambridge student of impeccable background, who is accused of rape by Eve Kendall, the wife of his employer.

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The series deals with his battles in the courtroom as well as his domestic dramas which include the death of his devoted and affectionate wife. In court, Kavanagh is usually seen to be defending a client who seems likely to be convicted until a twist in the case occurs, but occasionally Kavanagh is seen in a prosecuting role.

The main plot often features Kavanagh confronting cases with a subtext of racism, sexism or other prejudice.

The highest resort in Switzerland, it offers some of the best intermediate terrain with a number of exceptionally long runs. The Olympic ski jump and slopes host frequent world ski events, and every year there are international horse races on the frozen lake as well as winter polo. Moritz Dorf, a funicular ascends 2.1 kilometers to Corviglia via an intermediate station at 2,005 meters at Chantarella.

Corviglia, at 2,486 meters, has sweeping alpine views and excellent skiing as well as a restaurant.

The Flag of the four Moors, or simply the four Moors (I quattro mori in Italian, Sos bator moros in Logudorese Sardinian, Is cuatru morus in Campidanese Sardinian) is the official flag of the autonomous region of Sardinia, Italy, and the historical flag and coat of arms of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Described as a "white field with a red cross and a bandaged Moor's head facing away from the left (the edge close to the mast) in each quarter" (Regional Law 15 April 1999, n. George Cross and four heads of Moors which in the past were not forehead bandaged but blindfolded and turned towards the left.

La descarada en 2004 et dans la série Amor descarado (2003-2004).

Au cinéma, Barbara Mori a joué dans les films Kites (2010), 1 a Minute et le plus récent Viento en contra ou elle est également productrice.

After that the kingdom of Sardinia was founded in 1326, it became part of the Crown of Aragon; these seals will come to closing documents of King James II (1326), Alfonso Benigno (1327-1336) and Peter I (1336-1387).

Some specimens are preserved in the Historical Archive of the city of Cagliari.

; born on 2 February 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is an actress, model, producer and writer.

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