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Obviously this is not the only thing that fascinates me, just different aspects of BDSM and interaction during sessions makes it so appealing to me.That's why no session is the same, because every opponent brings his / her own imagination, experience, and boundaries. For more information about me read my interview with Doma Magazine.Emilyn Marilyn Wheer fetish and fashion colides Links 2 Latex Links to adult latex, rubber and pvc sites. Latex Lesbos Watch full movies of sexy lesbian babes in seductive latex, rubber, pvc or leather fetish attire having kinky sex!

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Pet play is also near and dear to Me, having an ethusiastic pony or a puppy is simply wonderful!

Spitting, legscissors and beatdowns are all good fun with those that also share the craving for it.

Ball busting is another favourite; I will always start easy on beginners.

I very much enjoy foot worship and trampling, although the two need not be linked.

This session is for foot & shoe worship exclusively.

It does not entail any Domination, latex, leather, or lingerie.

This is a place for women to share ideas and thoughts through pictures and clips of how they want or have already castrated their husbands.

To punish, or reduce screwing around, or to fem their husbands,,, Did I miss any reasons ladies?

This is a group for those who believe that white bois should be castrated.

Women are especially encouraged to join here as it's truly women having these beliefs that will make this happen.

Free picture and movie galeries of beautiful sluts wearing boots.

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