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Are you ready to have your cock and balls suffer for us?

Nothing gives them greater pleasure than to see you doubled up in pain, groaning pathetically.

The most sensitive area on a man’s body is right between his legs.

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When it comes to cock and ball torture and ballbusting they are in a league of their own.

The things they make you do can be terrifying but oh so exciting to subs and sissies.

Of course, with a Mistress/slave relationship, the cock and balls do not belong to the male, they belong to the female. If she wants to either teach her slave a lesson for insubordination, to make him understand his place or even just for the hell of it because she feels like it and wants to make him suffer then that is her prerogative.

Slave must suffer if his Mistress wants to abuse her cock.

As a pathetic excuse for a male, there is no real reason you would need your balls and dick.

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