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All Travel One guests are there to have a good time in great company and are always welcoming. Most of our resort hotels are based on half board or all-inclusive, with a table set aside for our group to dine together, and all are based on a double room for single occupancy. Solitair have over 18 years' experience arranging successful singles holidays, that's why we're the first choice for single travellers for UK, European and Worldwide destinations.It was my pleasure to fly virtually all the airplanes that were offered from the end of World War Two up to 2008, when I retired.

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I thus paid special attention to what went on in this area.

I will say that it was a lot of fun to fly and explore these airplanes when they were new and writing about them now kindles fond memories. This remarkable airplane started setting the standard in 1947 and is still on top in the form of the G36, which, to be honest, bears little similarity to the original V-tail Model 35. The 36 offered a lot more utility for a little more money and won out.

You will be pleasantly surprised how relaxed the experience can be with diverse groups of people all enjoying the same experience." "Nothing to fear, other holidaymakers have a lot in common with you and it is not a 'matching I' holiday.

Freedom to do your own thing if you want in the day and then have great company in the evening for everyone to share their exploits." "I have been recommending the company to absolutely everyone ever since my first holiday.

Rest assured that these are all personal opinions and I am sure many will differ.

I always thought that four/six place retractable single-engine piston airplanes offered the best possible balance of cost and performance. Embrace the opportunity to tailor-make your travel escape to your specific wellness needs with our single friendly holidays, whether yoga in Bali, weight loss in Spain or a choice of worldwide group retreats.Meet like-minded singles with group activities, group tables at meal times and dedicated holiday months for solo travellers.I can't wait to go on another holiday with solitair again. Meet Lovely Nice Thai Singles face to face and find your Dream Soul mate."The thing I like about Travel One is that unlike some single holidays, the rep is unobtrusive and you are not herded around like you are on a school trip.

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