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Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) supports this program by providing a limited reimbursement of: Planning Association of Washington (PAW)Registration link is available via WCIA's website, just click "Register for this event" button.

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He is also responsible for the Reality Capture and Auto CAD product families.

Prior to his current role, Hanspal was Senior Vice President, Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses.

Also, distributed asset scan helps to reduce the load of Service Desk Plus server.

Customers interested in using the Distributed Asset Scan feature can get the Asset Explorer Remote Server (Remote server) license from our licensing team which can be applied in Asset Explorer Remote server installations.

“I absolutely love the Cireson Asset Management app.

The SAP Community has been a place for experts to share their knowledge.

Sign Code Updates A local perspective on completing a sign code update including process, content and lessons learned from the City of Sammamish.

Sign Code Strategies Discussion Learn from a panel of local professionals on how they are currently facilitating sign code updates. The afternoon will be your opportunity to work with your peers on specific scenarios involving "tech" issues.

The Cireson Asset Management app directly integrates within Service Manager to enhance the Microsoft System Center, Server, and Cloud Platform’s powerful capabilities.

It provides Asset Managers an effective lifecycle view revealing precisely where a particular asset is at any given moment, and whether or not it’s providing value to your business.

Sarah Hodges is director of the Autodesk Construction Business Line.

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