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Pillowbooks of Japanese court ladies and Asian travel journals offer some aspects of this genre of writing, although they rarely consist exclusively of diurnal records.The scholar Li Ao (9th century AD), for example, kept a diary of his journey through southern China.Now they have a measles outbreak Anti-vaccine groups step up outreach to Minnesota Somali families over measles outbreak 4 Pro-life Victories in Trump's First 100 Days Let's penalize people for having 'extra kids' -- Bill Nye's outrageous idea Electing Lesbian Bishop Violates Church Law, United Methodist High Court Rules World Bank report: 'Gaza faces financial crisis' EU-Israel relations: Trojan horses, snakes, ladders and boycotts UNESCO Draft Resolution Declaring Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem 'Illegal' Draws Fire From Israel, Jewish Groups Trump: Ask me in month about moving embassy to Jerusalem Planning Said to Be Underway for Trump Visit to Israel in Late May as Jewish State Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Jerusalem Reunification Israel, US eyeing Trump visit on May 22-23 Israel said pushing for massive East Jerusalem expansion as Trump visits All 100 US senators to UN: End 'unacceptable' anti-Israel bias Israel's intelligence minister urges US to team up with Russia against Iran Israeli defense minister warns of Iranian presence in Golan Heights Iranian Cargo Planes Land in Damascus Hours Before 'Israeli Strike' on Airport Israeli missile downs Syrian drone over Golan Heights Assad in an interview before the attack in Damascus: 'Israel is helping the rebels' Israeli strikes inside Syria pick up tempo in proxy war Russia condemns apparent Israeli strike on Syria At UN, US calls for pressure on Russia to try to end Syria war US envoy accuses Russia of allowing Syria to deny needed aid How a protest over immigration policy stirred up memories of one grandmother's journey to America, and a boatload of Jewish refugees who were turned away Pope heads to Egypt to support Copts, heal Muslim rift Balancing Act for Pope in Egypt: Outreach to Muslims, and Speaking Out for Christians For the First Time, Russia Ranked Among Worst Violators of Religious Freedom Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast US drone strike kills 7 in northwest Pakistan Suspected Muslim insurgents in S.

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those of Ned Rorem, Alan Clark, Tony Benn or Simon Gray) that they are written with eventual publication in mind, with the intention of self-vindication (pre- or posthumous) or simply for profit.

By extension the term diary is also used to mean a printed publication of a written diary; and may also refer to other terms of journal including electronic formats (e.g. The oldest extant diaries come from Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures, although the even earlier work To Myself (Τὰ εἰς ἑαυτόν), today known as the Meditations, written in Greek by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the second half of the 2nd century AD, already displays many characteristics of a diary.

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Egypt urges US to play 'active' Mideast peace role Shaked: Failure to secure US Embassy move a 'great missed opportunity' President Trump proclaims May 'Jewish American Heritage Month' UNESCO trying to impose a fake history US approves possible $440 million arms sale to Israel Housing minister announces construction plans for 15,000 homes beyond Green Line Israel announces West Bank, Gaza closure ahead of Independence Day What is the likelihood of war as Israel marks 69 years of independence? Push for Tougher North Korea Approach Faces Resistance Tillerson to UN: Act before North Korea does Pope warns of broad destruction if Korean tensions escalate Trump invites Philippines' president to US in 'friendly' call - White House says Duterte, which promotes the extrajudicial killing of drug users, is fighting a 'scourge that affects many countries' In Harrisburg, Trump touts his first 100 days, boasts the fight is 'just beginning' Trump says his first 100 days 'just about most successful' in US history Trump Touts Achievements, Maintains Media Rage in 100-Day Rally Newt Gingrich: Trump vs.

Hezbollah Plays Up Efforts To Oppose Israel Le Pen's choice of PM noted critic of Israel Le Pen says she abhors Holocaust denial after party successor quits Pope repeats refugee 'concentration camps' remarks Syrian military sources deny reports Israel struck Quneitra Russia's Lavrov says ready to cooperate with U. on Syria: agencies Tensions rise between Turkey, US along Syrian border Turkish military says kills 14 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq Pentagon reports blast kills US service member outside Mosul Soldier killed by explosive device is third US combat death this week in Iraq and Afghanistan Italy fears Isis fighters slip into Europe posing as injured Libyans Australia probing video of 8-year-old jihadi making threats Turkish authorities expel more than 3,900 from civil service in latest purge The coming US crackdown on Iran Thousands of Russians Present Letters of Protest in Demonstrations Moscow demonstrators want to tell Putin: Don't run again N. the swamp, Round III -- Democrats turn to bureaucrats to stop POTUS Trump: 'Illegal Immigration Down by Unprecedented 73%' Armed Nazis Descend On Tiny Kentucky Town Kentucky machete attack: Suspect asked campus victims about their politics, student says After turbulent protests, Brazil cleans up littered streets NSA Abandons Controversial Surveillance Technique Netflix Hacker Also Claims Theft From ABC, Fox, IFC, National Geographic Google and Facebook duped in huge 'scam' Bill Gates could be the world's first trillionaire, but Jeff Bezos is hot on his heels Panic Bank Run Leaves Canada's Largest Alternative Mortgage Lender On Edge Of Collapse Britain Gears up For Negotiations of a "Lifetime" After EU Outlines Brexit Stance MIT researchers create a robot that can 3-D print a building in hours 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Nishinoomote, Japan 5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Tambakrejo, Indonesia 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Itbayat, Philippines 5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kalemie, Democratic Republic of the Congo 5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near La Cumbre, Colombia 5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Talkeetna, Alaska 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits South of Africa 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kirakira, Solomon Islands 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Nishinoomote, Japan Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 25,000ft Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft Kluychevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft Latest Totals: Storm Dumps Over Foot Of Snow Near Denver Texas severe weather: At least 5 killed, dozens injured after tornadoes rip through state Ethiopia drought creates food crisis for 7.7 million Climate March: Tens of thousands protest Trump climate policies, demand environmental action EPA Purges Pages That Highlight Climate Change From Its Website New website offers US women help to perform their own abortions Israeli ambassador speaks of fresh Palestine peace initiative Liberman: Ties between Israel, Arab states 'more crucial for them than us' Mahmoud Abbas Goes to Washington: What Is at Stake?Although a diary may provide information for a memoir, autobiography or biography, it is generally written not with the intention of being published as it stands, but for the author's own use.In recent years, however, there is internal evidence in some diaries (e.g.Korea of sanctions after any nuclear test: Tillerson China won't confirm US claim of new pressure on North Korea China to conduct live fire drills, test new weapons in response to THAAD US Marines could deploy robots and 'Hyper Subs' to storm future beaches Trump agrees 'not to terminate NAFTA at this time' 'I was all set to terminate': Inside Trump's sudden shift on NAFTA Trump's NAFTA Reversal Confirms the Globalists Are in Charge - For Now NYC to pay for lawyers for illegal immigrants Trump eyes bid to split up 9th Circuit court amid sanctuary city, travel ban disputes Trump Calls Schumer's Bluff: "If There's A Shutdown, There's A Shutdown...Democrats Would Be To Blame" Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life Sean Hannity: Ann Coulter just the latest target of fascist media Get ready for tech giants to start churning out fake news to 'save' net neutrality UC Berkeley Gears Up For Violent Protests Over Coulter Speech Cancellation Portland rose parade canceled after 'antifascists' threaten GOP marchers Obama's 0G Wall Street speech leaves liberal base stunned Brexit: Chancellor Merkel warns of UK 'illusions' over talks with EU U. drought reaches record low as rain reigns Spacecraft survives unprecedented trip between Saturn, rings 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Little Sitkin Island, Alaska 5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga 5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Little Sitkin Island, Alaska Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 14,000ft Sinabung volcan on Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft How Climate Evangelists Are Taking Over Your Local Weather Forecast How Team Trump plans to kill Obama's Paris climate deal by declaring it a treaty US probes unusual rise in humpback whale deaths Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon Elephant tranquilizer is the latest lethal addition to the heroin epidemic Trump to recognize entire Jerusalem as Israel's capital during trip - report Netanyahu: I won't meet diplomats who engage with groups that slander Israel Hamas Interior Ministry arrests Gazans for 'spreading rumors' World Bank: Gaza power cuts causing 'humanitarian crisis' PA tells Israel it will no longer pay for Gaza's electricity IDF troops come under fire near Gaza, respond with tank fire Cyber attack aimed at over 120 Israeli targets thwarted 'Huge' blasts near Damascus airport blamed on Israeli strike Intelligence minister appears to confirm Israeli strike on Syria Report: Israel attacked Iranian arms depot near Damascus airport Ivanka Trump Parts Ways With Her Father on Syrian Refugees Trump gives Pentagon power to reset Iraq, Syria troop limits Isis faces exodus of foreign fighters as its 'caliphate' crumbles IS conflict: Iraqi force 'retakes ancient city of Hatra' ACLJ Urges New UN Secretary-General to Declare ISIS' Atrocities on Christians a Genocide 'It's a war on Christians': Egypt's beleaguered Copts in sombre mood before papal visit Over 1,000 People Are Detained in Raids in Turkey US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf UAE jails Iranian for 10 years for aiding nuclear program Hard-line Iranian candidate says US should fear Iran Ukraine, Belarus leaders mark Chernobyl anniversary Rumors rife as gas restrictions in N.The term calendar itself is taken from calendae, the term for the first day of the month in the Roman calendar, related to the verb calare "to call out", referring to the "calling" of the new moon when it was first seen.

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