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Recycling of ascorbate via active transport of DHA into cells, followed by reduction and reuse, mitigates the inability of humans to synthesize it from glucose.

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Relatively large doses of ascorbic acid may cause indigestion, particularly when taken on an empty stomach.

However, taking vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate may minimize this effect.

Although a sodium-dependent transporter for vitamin C exists, it is present mainly in specialized cells, whereas the glucose transporters, the most notable being GLUT1, transport Vitamin C (in its oxidized form, DHA) in most cells, where recycling back to ascorbate generates the necessary enzyme cofactor and intracellular antioxidant, (see Transport to mitochondria).

The structure shown here for DHA is the commonly shown textbook structure.

It dissolves well in water to give mildly acidic solutions. Ascorbic acid is found in plants, especially citrus fruits, tomatoes, and green vegetables. Although ascorbic acid is commonly used as an antioxidant food additive, it has non-food applications in photography, fluorescence microscopy, as a stain remover, and as a component in plastic manufacturing. It is a white crystalline solid that dissolves well in water to give mildly acidic solutions. It is present in plants, especially fruits, tomatoes, and green vegetables.

Ascorbic Acid Spec TCC – Click Here To Download TCC’s Ascorbic Acid is available for shipping throughout the continental United States with one (1) week lead time. Ascorbic Acid is shipped in 25 kg net bags and 1,000 kg net super sacks. As a mild reducing agent, ascorbic acid degrades upon exposure to air, converting the oxygen to water.

Since fresh vegetables could not be properly stored for long voyages, barrels of lemons and limes became staples on British ships, and British sailors soon became known as "limeys." In the 1930s, the water soluble vitamin, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), was determined to be the substance that prevented scurvy.

For humans and other primates, vitamin C is an essential vitamin, that is, it is an essential part of our diet since we are unable to synthesize the vitamin in our bodies.

To compensate for this loss, fresh or frozen fruit juices, beverages fortified with vitamin C or fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in our daily diet.

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