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This got me thinking – do women state that they dislike arrogant behaviour but then unintentionally and inevitably fall for it every time?

Why are arrogant men perceived to be more successful with women?

Other men also find male modesty an unattractive trait - perhaps because they believe that bashful boys are letting the side down.

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" You think he must be joking, but you can't really tell. You can't really place the feeling because you are so very attracted to this man.

"Of course not" you say, eyeing his face for any change. As the two of you walk to his car, he says, "Oh you looked great on the dance floor." You say, "Thanks! You hope his interest in you is sincere, but something tells you that he has the upper hand.

That fact that he felt criticized by you over such tiny matter of pronouncing a word is another very bad sign.

He is clearly concerned about maintaining a very positive image of himself.

'New men' beware: Research has revealed women don't like modesty in a man.

If you're male, you can probably add 'single' to that list.

Only men tend not to have interpersonal dramas that are sometimes entertaining to hear about. The Incapable Planner never makes or sticks to plans with you because he always has something "fabulous" (that's really not fabulous) to do your company. But he'll play buck hunter over chatting with your girlfriends. He seizes every opportunity to imply his life is like Jay-Z's.

To avoid being bored to death listening to tales of his office job, eject yourself from the situation. He's constantly talking about this "hot club" he went to or the time he air-cheersed Jay-Z from across a room. And he implies there is something "wrong with you" for not climaxing in the eight seconds it takes him. He assumes you're sitting around waiting for a ring. I'm pretty sure Paris Hilton has a rule about this in a book she "wrote" like ten years ago.

"It's just that I studied French, and there is no t sound at the end of appetit." After that brief dark moment, the rest of the dinner goes off without a hitch. It's hot on the dance floor, so you peel down to your sheath dress. " Then he says in a tone that signals what's coming is for your own good, "But you really should gain six pounds." When you are finally home, you kiss him passionately in the car. He suddenly gushes over how hot and wonderful you are. You reassure yourself that he must be sincere because he was so honest in giving you constructive feedback about your weight. Even on his best behavior, his sense of entitlment comes through in evaluating your weight.

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