Arkansas state laws dating

[Based on Arkansas Code 9-12-322]PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION: Arkansas is an equitable distribution state.

A plaintiff who seeks to dissolve and set aside a covenant marriage shall state in his or her petition for divorce that he or she is seeking to dissolve a covenant marriage as authorized under the Covenant Marriage Act of 2001.

LEGAL SEPARATION: The courts may enforce the performance of written agreements between husband and wife made and entered into in contemplation of either separation or divorce (and decrees or orders for alimony and maintenance by sequestration of the property of either party).

If the complainant is not a resident of Arkansas, then the proceedings shall be in the county where the defendant resides.

[ Based on Arkansas Code 9-12-301 and 9-12-307] LEGAL GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE: When husband and wife have lived separate and apart from each other for eighteen (18) continuous months without cohabitation, the court shall grant an absolute decree of divorce at the suit of either party, whether the separation was the voluntary act of one party or by the mutual consent of both parties or due to the fault of either party or both parties.

i was 15 when we started seeing each other and i turned 16 in october the 14...i did not sleep with him until my b day bc he did not want to get in trouble..i sneek around to see him and all, if i get caught in his truck with him by my dad can any charges be put on him at dad does not have apik up order on me??? You don't seem to understand that your parents are in charge of all things you do and all people you see until you are 18.

The age of consent takes statutory rape off the table, but there are still another host of charges wrapped around the fact that you are a minor and, therefore, subject to corruption by an adult. but if you want to keep him out of prison, you need to stay away from him.

Arkansas law could be considered to be based on an anti gay marriage sentiment.

In fact, an amendment was passed in 2004 that states that marriage consists of a union between a man and a woman.

[Based on Arkansas Code 9-12-313]SIMPLIFIED OR SPECIAL DIVORCE PROCEDURES: In uncontested cases, proof as to residence and proof of separation and continuity of separation without cohabitation may be corroborated by either oral testimony or verified affidavit of persons other than the parties.

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