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Dan and Ian face off in the last round to determine the final two. 3 usually revolving around the jurors, social gamer Dan easily has the leg up -- but after five questions, Ian has won it, securing his spot in the final two.

Ian chooses to blindside Dan, which could have secured a win with the jury, choosing instead to evict Danielle. Because she didn't want too many floating around.

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Anyway, I'm a member of their fansite and from what I gather they are no longer together.

But what is sad is that even though the signs are all there that they have split up, most members are still acting as if they are still a couple.

Danielle rounds out the jury as the seventh member.

PHOTOS: Tim Goodman Gives the Odds on Which Fall Shows Will Survive Jury deliberation commences and it's the first time viewers really get to see them talk things out. " Shane tells the rest of the jury of Dan's surprise eviction when he joins them.

The main reason is that although the 2 who are almost in daily contact with S&D (mostly Danielle) knew so much more what's going on they only tell the other members tiny portion of what they know.

And with that tiny info they always make it seem as if everything is fine between S&D.

And this is exactly what Sara (Joe's wife) is arguing about with the fans on Nov. She tweeted over and over that S&D are afraid the fans will hate them if they did breakup.

Apparently, Sara was telling people on tweeter that Shane & Joe are talking all the time and she was implying that this is what Shane is telling Joe.

2 (after Dan concocts yet another plan -- to act "happy" Ian's won -- to save his butt should Danielle not come up victorious).

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