Are rob lowe and calista flockhart dating

, and for her longtime relationship with aged hunk Harrison Ford, whom she just married.

Backstory: Flockhart grew up in New Jersey, the daughter of a Kraft foods executive, and graduated from Rutgers before moving to New York in the late '80s to pursue acting.

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Her time in the show gained her attention from the critics, as well as the press, who picked up on her evident weight loss as the series progressed.

The show’s writers even picked up on it, but used it as a comedy tool, with Flockhart happily poking jokes at herself for being “Skinny Mc Beal”.

(She was up for the role of Susan Mayer on The look: In her Ally days, Flockhart attracted as much attention for her skeletal frame and protruding clavicle as for her acting, even as she vehemently denied having an eating disorder: She told David Letterman that those who didn't believe she was merely small-boned could "kiss my skinny white ass." In 2006, Flockhart finally ate something-crow, served chilled-admitting that she had indeed been anorexic during the Mc Beal years.

Personal: Flockhart was linked to Sam Mendes and Gary Shandling before getting together with Harrison Ford, who's more than two decades her senior, in 2002.

The family interactions grow increasingly complicated, especially when it turns out the deceased patriarch may have had a daughter, Rebecca (Emily Van Camp), with his mistress Holly (Patricia Wettig).

Ally Mc Beal and Billy Thomas were going steady throughout their childhoods.

The couple finally walked down the aisle in June 2010 when they tied the knot in New Mexico at a ceremony presided over by Gov. The couple divides their time between a loft in Chelsea, a ranch in Jackson Hole, and a home in LA.

In 2001, Flockhart adopted a son, Liam, to whom Ford is stepdaddy.

It’s original storyline saw Ally sign up for a new job, only to discover her estranged high-school sweetheart worked there - as well as his wife!

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