Are nina dobrev and ian dating

She has not, however, commented on the romance rumors, so there’s no telling what is going on between her and Wesley behind the scenes.

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“They have a similar group of friends and have been seeing each other on the low for a little while,” a source told .

Between cuddling at onesie parties and ringing in the New Year together, Nina and Glen definitely seem to be getting a lot closer.

Also at the Comic Con convention during the Panel Ian somerhalder pulled his an Nina's nametags together and while Nina was about to pull hers away Ian said " Stop, Babe stop it." Nina ended up leaving the name tag and asked Ian "What are you doing".

Ian had pulled out his Iphone and was taking a picture of their nametags together.

Somerhalder started dating Reed last August, and early this month, it was reported that they have gotten engaged.

Reed and Dobrev used to be close friends until the "Twilight" star started dating the actor.

Dobrev has allegedly been spending time with her former co-star, although they have denied the rumors.

According to , Tonkin removed all of her photos with Wesley from social media after their breakup.

You can watch t his on youtube just research: The Vampire Diaries Panel Comic Con Part 5 and the time it happens around is when he puts the 2 nametags together and everything check it out for yourself!

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