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It works like this: you let the app listen in on your conversations, and the crowd will make some suggestions about how to proceed.

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But super-hot poors can also rise above their station and if they’re voted in by existing users.

Finding true love may not be too easy but if there is a desire to discover nothing less than the very best soul-mate, even fortune has to bow down to the quest.

Currently available in beta, is described as “a beautiful new dating site created for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products! Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common — personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology.” To register for the beta, users must first check off which Apple products they own, from a list that includes i Pod, Mac Book, i Phone and i Pad.

Instead of the usual dating site background questions like, “What traits do you look for in an ideal mate?

I’m not a Tinder user myself, but more than a few times I’ve been hanging with friends at a pub or flat, and someone has got out the app so that everyone gawk at the alternately earnest, pretentious, and embarrassing human slideshow inside.

I mean, who doesn’t like the opportunity to judge a complete stranger based on nothing more than a few pictures and lines of text? That being said, while this is fine with friends, playing Tinder with your family present must be quite a bit stranger.

And of course, you’ll either have to be super good at stealth checking your phone, or be obviously rude and use your phone for most of the conversation. Fear not, ye tongue-tied: Breakup Text is here to help. If you want to make a dating app, avoid using the letter E. Bristlr connects men with beards with the folks that want to date them.

I don’t know, maybe kids these days don’t even care about things like paying attention to the person you’re flirting with. Select a few different parameters like the gender of your almost-ex, the reason for your separation, and the importance of your relationship, and the app will generate a text message you can use to end it. But the idea is so beautifully weird that it’s worth mentioning. It started out as a semi-parody, but apparently grew into a legitimate network after over 100,000 users signed up. The idea seems to be that by pairing dogs with each other, you’ll also pair their owners. Thankfully, the developer says the app is “not just for dogs.” That’s great, because all the dogs I know are pretty bad at using phones.

Since this app is exceptionally mainstream, you get to choose from a substantial gathering of individuals, and this builds the chance that you'll discover your ideal soulmate.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, — a play on the words Cupid and Cupertino, the city in California where Apple is based — may lead you to i Love when the dating site launches in June.

When looking at the amount of Apple vs Android users, people may just look at their own circle of friends and make an assumption.

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