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"It's been a long and difficult process," City Manager Chris Cherches said in a statement on his last day in office, "but in the end our community will be stronger and citizens will have a greater knowledge of their responsibility to the environment and how their actions today can impact future generations." Assistant City Atty.

The Founding of the Company in 1960 The roots of Grant Prideco reach back to 1960 when engineer Charles Grant founded Grant Supply Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Initially the company served as a distributor of pipe, valves, and fittings to oil refineries and petrochemical companies.

It offers a line of proprietary connections and installation services for offshore operations and subsea wells.

In addition, Grant Prideco sells drill bits and related items through its Reed Hycalog subsidiary.

Tubular Technology and Services offers a complete line of premium connections and related premium tubular products and accessories for use in harsh conditions associated with gas wells, offshore wells, and other wells subject to high temperatures, high pressure, or difficult environmental conditions.

The last Grant Prideco business segment is its newest, Marine Products and Service.In 1990, EPA placed the site on the National Priorities List.Approximately one-half of the site formerly consisted of a refinery area and a tank farm area.The Oklahoma Refining Company Superfund Site is a 160-acre former refinery site in Cyril, Okla.The site was operated by Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation and APCO Oil Corporation as an oil refinery from 1920 until approximately 1978, and then in a limited capacity by Oklahoma Refining Company until 1987. APCO Liquidating Trust is a successor in interest to APCO Oil Corporation.

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