Anthony keidis dating

You might not even notice the photograph if Anthony Kiedis hadn't pointed it out, surrounded as it is by dozens of others.

But on closer inspection, the old black-and-white image that graces one wall of the singer's Hollywood Hills, Calif., home has a haunting, timeless quality that sets it apart.

"We were looking for very specific, cosmic characteristics," says Kiedis, "and they just weren't presenting themselves.

Everything became very jumbled and confused, and we were losing sight of what we were doing as a band."Eventually, they settled on an unknown guitarist named Jesse Tobias.

When I got home, I posted the photos to Flickr and wrote a short blog post about the surreality of seeing one of the world’s biggest rock stars at the end of the world.

I received at least 40 such emails and messages through Flickr.

I don't know many details but, yes, he had been a kept boy even before he got to Hollywood.[quote]I honestly don't get the DL obsession with Keanu Reeves...

He hasn't been relevant for close to ten years now. Well, I don't get the DL obsession with Anderson Cooper because even though I guess he's "relevant", he's annoying and bitchy IMO.There is no word from RHCP yet with no details on the official RHCP website about the cancellation (but the concert isn’t listed in the tour section).The venue website states that people who have purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, over the phone or online, will have an automatic refund made to their credit card.I answered the first few and ignored the rest until one thoughtful correspondent explained the sudden interest.Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis has had quite a life.Marshall left the band, and after scouring the ranks of their peers in a fruitless search to replace him – a process that included numerous pleading phone calls to former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro – the Peppers resorted to placing a want ad in the .

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