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is an expression most of us learned first in Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Actually, it’s much older than that, having appeared in the fourteenth-century ‘Vision of Piers Plowman’ and in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV,’ Part 2.

Until now all word experts – including us – have been explaining that the doornail referred to is the heavy stud in the middle of a wooden door against which a knocker is struck.

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Both ‘dead on ‘ and ‘dead nuts on’ are attested as meaning’ having complete mastery over; sure a hand at’ in 1871] ____________________ noun [late 19th century and still in use] (originally racing) an absolute certainty, especially in horse race betting] ‘I got the horse right here. A CINCH is a saddle girth (1859) which came to us via the Spanish ‘cincha’ and from the Latin ‘cingula,’ girth.

[mid-19th century] (originally military or did the absolute idea come first?

It is a technique frequently used in constructing doors for log cabins, construction shanties and the like – and it antedates the ready availability of screws

Before the ability to accurately calculate longitude (mid-1700s – see Dava Sobel’s great little book phrase (a part of the male anatomy immediately comes to mind – but later) could possibly have been the mechanic/machinist idea of the ‘nuts,’ along with the machine screws which go with them being precisely on location.

The Paperpusher's Message Board, often abbreviated to PPMB, is the longest-running message board in Daria fandom history, and the major gathering place for Daria fans.

Founded in 1999, it originally served as a replacement for the Lawndale Commons forum, and later the Outpost Daria Message Board.

They do seem to be making a come back though, in a Christmas gift catalogue this year (a set of three nostalgic toys) and there is Asquith's window display that caused quite a stir (The Henley one, I think the Eton one is closing) The only golly we have is a Christmas decoration of a little felt golliwog playing a little brass trumpet it is old but I've never thought about it really as you just didn't really see them. I had heard about that before and thought it sounded good but then forgot about it like I do.

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