American dating in england

There are several different ways to write the date in English.

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If there is any doubt, or if one is writing for an international readership, it may be necessary to use words rather than figures, in order to avoid ambiguity.

The confusion is possible with all dates between 1st and 12th of each month: from the thirteenth of the month onwards, no confusion is possible... Any date can be written or spoken in several different ways, using figures or a combination of figures and words.

When dates are expressed in words, this is not a problem, as the use of full words will identify the date with no possible ambiguity.

When writing dates in figures, it can be vital to know whether one is writing for British (or European) readers or American readers.

Generally, the longer formats, such as B or C, are more polite (since they show more respect for the reader).

Shorter formats, such as D or E, are used in less formal situations, for example a memo, a letter between friends or an impersonal business letter.

Filed in English Writing In British English, dates are written in the order day, month and year. British people put the day first while Americans begin with the month.

Note that the names of months always begin with capital letters. In American English, it is common to write the month first and to put a comma before the year. So for example, 10.3.2005 means 10 March 2005 in Britain and October 3, 2005 in America.

All-figure dates are interpreted differently in British and American English. Americans, on the other hand, start with the month.

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