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Manu Biosphere Reserve: FEEL TRIPS MANU TOUR OF A NATURAL EXPERIENCE: The most important request for the development of the ecotourism is the sustainable use the conservations of nature We, Manu Jungle Trips, are a company with conservation in mind, and we are aware of the changes that have occurred on our planet.

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Manu Jungle Trips in Peru of the province of Manu and district of Challabamba and Qosñipata of the province of Paucartambo comprises all the The Manu River basin and the left bank of the Madre Madre River; Comprises in 65% to the department of Madre de Dios 35% to the department of Cusco The Core or Natural Zone.

What is coming to make the intangible area that covers an area of 1,532,806 hectares is the indigenous territory where the traditional use of land is made, without any restrictions for native groups, where it is prohibited to enter Tourists and any strange person without authorization from the headquarter of the Manu national park.

Around 6500 Quechua and 2000 Amazonian peoples are living inside the Reserve.

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