Am i dating a douchebag quiz

I just secretly assume that they also use phrases like “Balee ‘dat! Source: WENNI always ask my beaus their stance on boob jobs, as a litmus test for their douchebaggery.The correct response: “I mean, I def prefer real but if they make a girl feel better about herself, that’s cool.” The wrong response: “LOVE ‘EM!You are stunning." Ok yeah, he was pretty smooth and certainly charming but I could tell that the lines he used on me had been verrrrrry practiced. I purred back a thank you and walked away—if you get the feeling that whatever this dude is saying has been used on girls before, trust your gut and get away from him.

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(Click here to take the quiz “How feminine am I actually”) I say it because I intend for more women in the world to have more happiness in their relationships with men.

I do my best to communicate my best intentions in every piece of writing that I do, but I’m not able to clearly communicate everything to every woman reading.

Whether it's barely visible or you exude douche, it's there.

Take this quiz and find out just how douchey you really are!

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this makes you feel confused and creates the perception that the psychopath is in high demand at all times.

If you shake your groove thing in front of a man, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have anything you want.

50% of men claim they would feel comfortable if their girlfriend had a lesbian lover.

For the love of Pete, what is the big deal about golf ?! If you find dirty socks and underwear the hamper, there is a man nearby.

Men roll their eyes at words like ” commitment, and change the toilet paper roll ” 9. A woman speaks about 7,000 words a day; a man speaks about 2,000. If it’s attention that you want, don’t get in a relationship with a man during playoff season. Men do things that make us go aaaackkkkkk and make us go ahhhhhhhhh all at once.

Always pay attention to how a guy talks about his exes—because one day, that’s exactly how he’ll talk about you! ” Source: WENNI have no real basis for this opinion, but I believe that social media is a girl’s domain. What is going through a dudes head when he does this?

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