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It’s a lazy Tuesday evening and I find myself at The Bowery Hotel, nursing an old fashioned and people-watching.I make eye contact with a few of the lobby lingerers, wondering if any of these stylish strangers might be my soul mate.

The name is a play on “Bye Felicia,” a meme used to signify that someone has left a party, and they won’t be missed.

Since creating it Monday of last week, Tweten has received more than two dozen submissions.

Losing interest in the crowd, I turn to my phone and open up Raya, a new dating app for “creatives” where the black-and-white profile pictures show off blowouts and screenshots of people’s “artistic lifestyles.” That’s when I wonder if Diplo’s tour photographer is my soul mate.

After a few likes, I jump to Hinge, the dating app that sets you up with friends of friends, wondering if my travel partner to Barcelona has known my soul mate all this time.

Then I go to Happn, which matches you with people who “happen” to walk by you.

Is Sammy, whose profile photo shows him feeding a bottle to a baby tiger on a recent trip to Thailand, my soul mate?But at the end of the day, it’s all boobs and dicks. Who could NOT stop there when surfing around the dial? On a recent episode I caught — just flipping through, of course — the fake boobs of a former stripper named Meg were the extra contestant on the show.Airing Thursdays at 10 on M3, Dating Naked is exactly as promoted as well as being a pretty conventional dating reality show. As soon as she and her “cantaloupes” showed up, the other women’s claws came out and a frat boy named Steve started doing rude things to a blow-up dolphin. Also in the mix were AJ, a pro-wrestler who loves Nickleback, free spirit Liddy who wanted to do cartwheels, pasty good ol’ boy Joe from Kentucky and cool chick Xandra, who told us all through her piercings and eye rolls that she was too awesome for all of this. Even if we start messaging and I come to find you're a wackjob and cancel the date, you still astronomically upped your chances than the guy who sent 'Hey.'" - Victoria G.“I’ve actually gotten funny memes as a first message. It shows you actually took the time to craft a response and didn’t just send a generic ‘Hey, what’s up? For example, if one of my photos was of me at a concert, make a connection to a concert you recently went to.” - Caroline T. “Point out how awkward dating apps are and poke fun at yourself without being too self-deprecating and blindingly insecure.One day recently, Alexandra Tweten was browsing Facebook when a woman she knew posted a screenshot of a recent exchange she’d had on Ok Cupid.“I want to message you, but I’m afraid,” the man said.

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