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Welcome to Tarty - Latest News - Massive collection of high quality female celebrity images, videos and babes. I'll try and watch week 3 after uploading this update and may update the site again later in the week with those images. His performance was literally amazing and far better than it should have been for so early in the competition.

We offer scans and photos from TV of varying quality for your enjoyment. Week two wasn't quite as good as the two episodes from week 1. He is obviously a very talented individual at everything he does.

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But what we are dying to know why is the successful woman single? They both spend a whole lot of time on and off the court.

Truth is she is always seen surrounded by either girlfriend or male friends but she’s been so careful about her private life we can not tell whether she likes guys or girls!

Williams has a second home in the French capital, and there have been several more more sightings of the pair in loved up situations since last fall.

Mouratoglou has since insisted that Williams was forced to retire because of a “bug,” before adding that “before the match she was fine.” Several tennis experts have since remarked that they were hugely perplexed by Williams’ decision to leave the game.

However, that is two years on the trot now that she is the first to leave the competition. The stand out performances from this first week probably came from the Friday edition which saw Caroline Flack and Pixie Lott both looking so sexy. We'll have to wait and see where she scales in relation to the other pro's in terms of the hottest. I'm pleased that my fav from the last few years is in the line-up this year too. She was binned off before lasts year show but appeared in the end in the first two episodes as a replacement for someone that was injured and paired with Tony Jacklin.

With Caroline occasionally showing a hint of bum cheek and Pixie flashing her pink knickers. On the Saturday show we saw Frankie Sandford (I guess I'm going to have to get used to calling her Bridge? Though she had a long dress on and wasn't showing her pins. It's something I've always found fascinating when I see her interviewed during Wimbledon. They were the first to be booted though as he was awful at dancing (and sweated like a pig) and the chemistry between them was even worse.According to an insider, “In London, word is that Serena was impregnated by her coach.” Williams’ coach is Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou.It’s believed that the duo have been dating for the last 10 months after they were spotted walking hand in hand in Paris.Following her bizarre exit from this year’s Wimbledon, rumors have started to swirl that Serena Williams is pregnant.Of course, this speculation hasn’t been confirmed, but the fact that no further information regarding the mysterious “bug” that brought her to her knees and forced her to exit the tournament early has been released has only exacerbated the situation.Coco is from a famous family background; her mother is also a famous former swimmer whereas her grandmother was beauty pageant holder.

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