Alison krauss dating john waite

CMT: John, what was it about “Missing You” that made you call Alison? I never figured I’d ever get the chance to meet him or work with him.

Waite: I was making a greatest hits record, and I was recording some of the songs that I’ve gotten known for to get them on one record. Alison, what was going through your head when you got that phone call? Waite: I never thought she’d do it, so it was mind-blowing that she said yes. I was surprised that you were nervous, because I was nervous just being there.

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I’d finished the record that that song was going to end up on but I felt I was a song short, so I was still writing songs. I was trying to be a tough guy and get through it, which is what guys do — denial. I was like, “What I am going to say to him about it? It’s been too long now, you need to call.” “I don’t know what to say about it. I’m not going to be able to sing it.” I think I walked in apologizing: “I’m really sorry about today.” Waite: I thought you were going to bolt. I was waiting for Alison to show up and the board, for like the first time in 28 years, blew up and I’m having a nervous breakdown. She was anxious and I thought, “I’m just going to have to kidnap her or something. ” Then we finally got to sing it and it was that good. John, what do you think of the music scene in Nashville? I liked Western country, like cowboy songs, when I was a little kid.

I was trying to get home to England and I couldn’t leave L. Alison, what do you remember the most about making the video? I’m not supposed to be here right now.” Were you nervous that you would not be able to do the song justice? I’m already nervous about Alison showing up and then the board blows. Then I developed a taste for Hank Williams and those sort of songs as I got a little bit older.

Never succumbing to the latest trends or fads, he’s always followed his own creative path, essaying a broad stylistic swath of genres including rock, pop, blues, soul, R&B and country.

The man with a “restless heart” is certainly not content to rest on his laurels, that’s for sure.

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