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And when word — and photos — surfaced of their journey, Demi lashed out on Twitter.“‘I’ll look back and regret how I ignored when they said run as fast as you can’ Dear John – Taylor Swift,” the 19-year-old singer wrote April 4.It was released on January 23, 2012 by Hollywood Records, as the second and final single from the album.

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But it looks like her best friend Nick Jonas was cropped out of the picture because he was sitting right next to her the whole time being the cutest third wheel ever.

This is not the first time he crashes one of her dates, since we have seen him out with her and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama!

Although one of our eyewitnesses saw Demi making out with Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson a few weeks ago, we have a feeling she’s not over her feelings for Wilmer just yet.

After all, he helped her through a very emotional last year and was there for her when she needed him most.

Originally, it was announced the second single from the album "Who's That Boy" (featuring Dev), but later was scrapped due to Dev's pregnancy.

Last summer was far behind and Christmas was far away and next summer felt like centuries from now. Sure we had talked on the phone almost everyday and texted non-stop but I felt like I was barely keeping it together. But I would be unable to see him tonight because he claimed that he had to be on the road as soon as they finished the photoshoot in order to get to his next modaling destination. Emotionally I was really upset and felt like there was something going on.

And I dunno, one random thought just sent me down that road…

It hadn't been precisely what I was hoping for. Although there was a reason everybody raved about sex.

Demi Lovato has made her relationship with Luke Rockhold Instagram official after their super public date at a UFC fight, but that was not the most captivating part of their night out.

She posted a photo of them together with a caption that said, "About last night..." and they were spotted holding hands on their way out.

He was a few towns over doing a boxer line photoshoot. Having just discussed this with Natalie about her other half. I continued carving my pumpkin pretending that everything was ok.

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