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A report in DNA quotes Malaika as saying that friendship is often misconstrued, “Arjun is a very good friend of mine.

But people give a very different meaning to it, which isn’t true.” Even while filing their mutual separation in March, the couple had agreed that their decision is not because of a third person.

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Well, Dil Ka Rishta is a poorly written melodrama which offers nothing special to its audiences except for some moments here and there and a beauty named Aishwarya Rai.

The story is clichéd and pointless, and the proceedings are nothing but ordinary and uninteresting series of events which make absolutely no sense.

The only person who felt thankful that Aishwarya was a part of the film must have been Uday Chopra because she made him so much more tolerable, even when he was smiling ear to ear.

Bachchan's wannabe Gossip Girl-meets-Charlie's Angel avatar in the film must have made sense to just one bunch of people, the women among who consequently turned up in various seasons of Aishwarya looked so devastatingly beautiful in the film that we suspect the exquisitely painted glass windows on the sets must have felt a little jealous of her.

Bollywood's been slightly under the weather of late, one can say.

Before we could even recover from Deepika Padukone brutally ending all cat-fight rumours by suggesting Katrina Kaif should marry Ranbir Kapoor, we were greeted with the very disturbing idea of Aamir Khan playing a 'wrestler' in a new film.

He plans to produce and act in one Punjabi film every year for which he's signed a deal with Bollywood production house Eros International.

His first film as a producer Dharti released in 2011 and did well at the box office.

Then before you could properly shed a silent tear or two over the fate of Aamir Khan's muscles which have lately been treated like how a 3-year-old treats a piece of gum, you're confronted with another shocker: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is set to make a comeback.

You had heard about it, but now pictures of a script-reading session confirm that she really is set to make a come-back in a film produced by Sachiin Joshi, who in the past tried to launch himself and an energy drink with help from Sunny Leone and failed at both.

Some of the couples in the industry are considered solid together and when we find out they are going their separate ways, it comes as a shock.

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