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I met two people that time around, one of which wasn’t a good fit and the other who frankly scared me after out eating me in a Chinese buffet…by a few plates.I’m not saying I’m all that picky about social expectations and rules and whatnot, but I have a pretty voracious appetite, and this chick doubled what I put down on a good day. Online dating phase two has been much more…um…normal?Ok seriously though this guy messaged me literally moments after yelling on my blog about how sick I was of getting messages from creepy old dudes.

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It’s felt just like dating in any other way with just one new channel by which to meet people.

There’s nowhere else where you can sit down and scroll through hundreds of people and find a handful of potential dates who are most likely to be a good fit.

made it easy to write my profile and find potential mates based on my preferences.

I want them to know that I’m a Sex Expert eventually, but I don’t want them asking on the first date if I’ve ever been with a woman or had a threesome. I’ve spent so many years focusing on other people’s love lives that I haven’t had a chance to focus on what I really want in life– love.

To be honest, I have been fond of the concept for a number of years, but it took a while for Al Gore’s Internet to become more mainstream and gain people’s trust in the idea of meeting someone online before it really became a legitimate option.

Online dating always had that unfortunate stigma of being “for geeks and nerds” or for hopeless people who couldn’t find someone the “normal way,” but it’s nice to see those bits of silliness are fading away.

The Short Version: Anyone with online dating experience will warn you that not everyone is a winner — unless it’s a competition to see who can send the most ridiculous message.

In such a contest, few are more qualified to be a judge than Cat Lady, of Soon2Be Cat Lady.

I want people to know that I grew up in Michigan, worked in San Francisco politics, directed an award-winning documentary film, and ended up starting a podcast in my living room interviewing people about what they really want in life. The questions on the profile made me really stop and think about what I truly want in a relationship, which is something everyone should do, single or in a relationship.

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