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These are very important pages for a true legitimate website.

I am quite shocked that it uses my when I logged in for the first time!!

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You might say to yourself, “Well it was look suspicious but was sent from Twitter.” That's where trouble starts and how you get malware or spyware onto your computer though.

If you got the Twitter invitation email or know someone who has, it is best to not open the email at all and please remember to delete it or better yet mark it as ‘Spam.' That way your email provider or service will monitor other similar emails and someone else will not accidentally download malware onto their computer.

So, this is a system that works by the “Law of Large Number“.

The more active paying recruits you have, the more money you earn monthly. As a member of Paid To Invite, you are able to submit The owner of this system makes the monthly fee affordable because as mentioned earlier, the owner wants as many people to join under you as possible.

Fortunately, if you’re careful enough, there are some ways to identify scam job invitations and to avoid such waste of time and money.

So here are some red flags that you should look out for before you apply for the job: If all you see is the address, the time and a phone number, don’t go for it.

And nothing could stop it then, including a girl changes her mind.

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